Lately and with Latin America bursting as an emerging economic continent (and with Brazil as its natural leader), our services aim to benefit importation and exportation from and to MERCOSUR markets, mainly through Uruguay, attempting to position the Port of Montevideo as a natural gateway for both MERCOSUR and the whole Latin-American market.

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LOBRAUS discovered the Port of Montevideo, located in Uruguay, which operates under an innovative concept: Free Port Regime. This regime is highly beneficial for logistic services and solutions. Why?

It provides the following benefits:

  • Free movement of goods in “transit” without any formalities or special authorizations.
  • No time restrictions for storing goods.
  • Foreign users can maintain their good’s property without needing to incorporate a local company in Uruguay.
  • Users can store their goods under free port warehouses as an “extension” of their own business in their country of origin.
  • Goods do not lose certificate of origin, therefore goods do not lose original benefits when shipped to final market destinations.