Our main projects

Due to Port of Montevideo’s potential, Lobraus has developed three main projects, in order to expand
and contribute to Uruguay’s positioning as a HUB center for Latin America; (i) “Lobraus Warehouse”, (ii) "Lobraus Tower" and (iii) “Punta Sayago”:

LOBRAUS Warehouse

Is an ambitious project, which consists in the construction of a 14,500 square meter warehouse, 14 meters high, becoming the largest warehouse in usable capacity, all within Por of Montevideo's premises.
Said Warehouse will be fully equiped with latest technology and machinery so as to provide a high quality standard within Port premisis.This will allow multinational companies to expand its services from Uruguay throughout the MERCOSUR market. LOBRAUS Warehouset is expected to be built during the first semestre of 2015 and operative as of late 2015.


LOBRAUS Tower consists in the construction of a 21 floor, high tech and state of the art tower building, aimed for business offices, restaurants, convention centers and show rooms for customers, all within Port of Montevideo premises. With said project LOBRAUS expects to transform the Port of Montevideo into one of the most modern Ports of South America and one of the main HUB Ports in the world. As per the project, LOBRAUS will use latest technology and energy friendly solutions, as well as advanced security and communication systems.

LOBRAUS Punta Sayago

Punta Sayago’s project aims to the construction of a 4,500 sqaure meter new warehouse, on an approximate area of 6,500 square meters, at the new logistic port so called “Puerto Logístico Punta Sayago”. Uruguayan government considers Punta Sayago as the future and natural annex for Port of Montevideo operations.

LOBRAUS has been a pioneer at Punta Sayago: besides the aforementioned project, LOBRAUS already has offices and warehouses at said location (1,500 m2 on a 4,500 m2 area), being able to provide all logistics services.