LOBRAUS has developed its own innovative service concept called "End-to-End", aimed to successfully manage international trading operations.

Through this unique system, LOBRAUS acquires the goods, transports them, pays its duties and taxes, and delivers them at final destination, invoicing all in local currency.

This particular concept, allows all logistics negotiations be made between LOBRAUS and its clients, who will always make (and take) final decision.



  • Loading, unloading, consolidation and deconsolidation.
  • Physical inspection of goods, inventory management and any reports on related activities.
  • Breaking up, picking, grouping, shipping & trans-shipment.
  • Labeling and classification of products.
  • Coordination and hiring of multimodal freight.
  • Pre-shipment controls.
  • Booking for all modalities, warehouse, and selected transport equipment.
  • Management of all documentation needed to export & import and transit.
  • Control of product expiration and stock replenishment.
  • Inspection and certification support services.
  • Temporary and permanent offices and show rooms.

LOBRAUS operates under “Supply Chain Management” concept, which provides customized warehousing solutions, logistics management and tracking information systems so as to guarantee clients better results.



C-VMI (Custom - Vendor Managed Inventory)

Lobraus C-VMI ensures the continuous replenishment and safety of supply, for industrial materials and components, and for retail distribution centers throughout the supply chain until the final delivery to the end users.